How to Fill Out a Cover Fax Sheet

by Calandra CooperUpdated September 26, 2017
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Compared to faxing, emailing is a more convenient method of getting information from one point to another. But you shouldn&rsquo;t phase out the fax machine as an essential office tool just yet. Sure, there&#039;s the occasional jammed machine, busy signal and missing page, but fax machines are worth using and have advantages: larger documents can be sent, some people view them as a more professional form of business communication, and signed signatures on faxes are legitimate.

Write the name of the recipient and sender of the fax in the To and From sections of the fax cover sheet.

Write your phone and fax numbers in the appropriate Fax and Phone no. fields. This is helpful in the event the recipient must call or fax back.

Insert the total number of pages included in the fax, including the cover sheet in the Total no. of pages or No. section of the cover sheet. This tells the recipient how many pages they should expect to receive in the fax.

Write one to three words describing the purpose of the fax in the RE section of the cover sheet. Include a reference number if applicable.

Fill in the appropriate box or circle the appropriate word description indicating the urgency of the fax or your response wishes from the recipient.

Most faxes include response descriptors, such as: For review (no action required), Please comment (response required), Urgent (handle immediately), Confidential (for certain eyes only), or Please reply (response required).

Write any additional notes or instructions that you&#039;d like the recipient to read or be aware of in the blank bottom section (Comments) of the fax cover sheet.

Insert the date you&#039;re sending the fax at the top of the sheet, after reviewing the fax and ensuring that all relevant sections of the cover sheet are complete.


Print clearly and legibly to make sure the cover sheet is readable.

Use blue or black ink in case the cover sheet is scanned or photocopied.


Avoid sending confidential information via fax. There&#039;s no way of knowing who&#039;s on the other end.

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