How to Find a Business by Searching by Fax Number

by Peyton BrookesUpdated September 26, 2017
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Businesses use fax numbers to receive paper communications. A business&#039;s fax number is typically part of its contact information. As a result, when a business runs an advertisement, builds a website or places contact information in the telephone book, the fax number is available to search. To find a business by searching by fax number, several resources exist. You can conduct an online search or use a more traditional method for locating contact information.

Visit Intelius to search for a fax number. Intelius is an online intelligence company with more than 20 billion records, according to the company&rsquo;s website. Visit the website (see Resources) and click &ldquo;Reverse Phone Lookup.&rdquo; Enter the fax number and click the &ldquo;Search&rdquo; button. Intelius provides the city, state and county free. You can purchase the full report for $4.99 as of July 2010.

Conduct a search using a search engine. Search engines&mdash;Bing, Google or Yahoo!, for example&mdash;index websites. If the company has a website, business advertisements or Yellow Pages listing, the search engine may provide company information. Enter the fax number and execute the search. Review the search engine results page and record the company contact information.

Dial &ldquo;411&rdquo; to contact the information operator. Provide the fax number and request a reverse business look-up. Record the contact information for the business.

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