How to Send a Fax From a Post Office

By Kimberlee Leonard

Updated November 08, 2018

How to Send a Fax From a Post Office
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Of the many services that the US Postal Service offers, sending faxes is not one of them. If you don't have a fax machine, but still need to send a fax out quickly with a confirmation of receipt, other local businesses may provide this service. Costs vary among service providers and geographic locations. If sending faxes becomes a regular need, consider buying a fax machine or getting an e-fax service.

Local Library Services

Most local libraries offer basic public services such as photocopy machines, computer use and, sometimes, faxing. Costs are usually pretty competitive compared to for-profit companies since the library is merely trying to absorb some of its costs while offering a public service. Check with your local library to see if faxing is a service they provide.

Chains and Local Mail Stores

Mail stores often offer fax service. Mail stores could be anything from a mom-and-pop mailbox store or major chains like The UPS Store or FedEx walk-in locations. Larger chain stores offer complimentary cover pages for senders to write out pertinent covering information when sending a fax. The optional cover letter is usually free to use and free to send, and notes how many pages are included in the fax.

Expect to pay a minimum first-page charge plus an additional per-page fee. Additional pages are usually less expensive than the first page. For example, the first page beyond the complimentary cover sheet might cost $1.89 and each subsequent page might cost $1.29 per page. Thus a 10-page fax would cost $13.50 ($1.89 + $11.61).

Large Box Business Supply Stores

Business supply stores have large copy and print divisions adding value to business owners looking for one-stop shopping. Stop by the neighborhood Staples or Office Depot that have self-serve fax stations. Just like the mail stores, complimentary cover pages are provided at the fax station. Upon completion of the fax, the confirmation page states the number of pages sent. Give the confirmation page to the cashier to pay for the fax after sending it. Staff is there to assist if questions arise. For convenience, complete your shopping and pay for the fax in one transaction.


Most places that allow the public to send faxes also allow receiving faxes. If you are expecting a fax, call the location to get the fax number and inform them to expect a fax on your behalf and from whom.

The Computer Option

If faxing becomes a regular need, consider e-fax as an economical option. An e-fax uses a printer to scan the document into the computer. Once saved as a PDF file, it can be "faxed" via email using a designated email address that also corresponds to a phone number. This means you are able to receive faxes via email as well. Certain brand names such as eFax has a mobile application making sending and receiving more convenient. Services like eFax or MyFax charge a monthly or annual subscription fee, but offer free trial periods.