How to Set Up Sales Tax on a Casio 308 Cash Register

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Updated September 26, 2017

Setting up the proper sales tax rate for your Casio PCR-308 cash register makes sure that you charge the proper amount of tax for each sale. By programming the tax rate as an add-on, you separate the tax amount from the gross price of the product, which can make things easier during the accounting process. The tax rate on the Casio PCR-308 is programmed using the system control panel and the key pad.

Insert the cash register key and turn the key to mode "Z." This allows you to access the setup menu and program the sales tax.

Press the "Subtotal" key, and then press "1" and "#NS." This brings you to the tax entry point.

Enter the sales tax percentage as a whole number. For example, if you wanted to enter the sales tax percentage of 7.50 percent, you would enter "75000" on the Casio's keypad. Then press the "#NS" key again.

Press "5002" then "#NS." Then press "#NS" again. This saves the sales tax rate into the system. If you want to change the rate, repeat the entire process over again and enter the new rate.