How to Send a Fax to Australia From the USA

By Tina Amo

Updated September 26, 2017

Send a fax to Australia with your fax machine.
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Fax machines transmit copies of documents to a recipient quickly. When faxing documents to a foreign country, the numbers must include the exit calling code for the United States, the code for the foreign country and the fax recipient’s number. You can send a fax to Australia from a fax machine if your telephone line has an international calling plan.

Prepare a cover sheet. The information required on this sheet includes your name, your fax number, your telephone number and the number of pages you are faxing. You will also need to type in the name of your contact, as well as your contact’s telephone and fax numbers. Word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word, include a template that you can complete and print out.

Place the cover sheet on top of the documents you are faxing.

Insert the cover sheet and documents into the appropriate slot in your fax machine. Usually, the papers should be placed face down in the slot. It is best to refer to diagrams on your fax machine or in your fax manual for specific instructions.

Press the speaker button or pick up the handset. When you hear the dial tone, dial the following numbers: 011--the exit number for the United States, 61--the country code for Australia and the city code and eight-digit phone number for your contact (for instance, 8 for Adelaide and then 3333 3533). The complete fax number may look like this: 011 61 8 3333 3533.

Wait for a ringing signal. When your fax machine has connected with your contact's fax machine, you will hear a high-pitched sound. Press the “Start” button on the machine to begin faxing the documents.

Wait for the machine to complete the task. The machine will disconnect when it has faxed all of the pages.