How to Operate an Electronic Typewriter

By Bonnie Conrad

Updated September 26, 2017

Electronic typewriters are useful tools
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While typewriters have largely been replaced by computers and other technology, electronic typewriters still have a place in modern society. These office machines are the perfect tools for drafting memos and letters, and they also make it easy to create envelopes and labels. An electronic typewriter uses a display panel typists can use to check the accuracy of their work before the type goes on the page, providing an important benefit and reducing errors and retyping.

Insert a piece of paper into the back of the typewriter roller. Turn the handle toward you to roll the paper into place. Continue turning the roller until the paper is in the position you want.

Power the typewriter on. The location of the power button will vary from model to model, but it is often located on the right side of the machine.

Start typing your document. Watch the electronic display panel as you type. This electronic preview gives you a chance to correct any errors before they are sent to the paper. When you reach the limit of the preview pane, the first words you typed will be sent to the paper.

Remove your finished letter from the typewriter by turning the knob until the paper has been ejected. Set the paper aside and insert an envelope into the typewriter. Turn the knob until the envelope is positioned where you want it.

Type the address on the envelope, then turn the knob until the envelope has been ejected.

Items you will need

  • Paper

  • Envelope