How to Find a Fax Number for a Business in Canada

By Cynthia Vukets

Updated September 26, 2017

Finding Canadian fax numbers is so simple, you'll be sending faxes in no time.
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Most Canadian businesses have fax machines, and those fax numbers are available online. Canadian fax numbers have a three-digit area code followed by a seven-digit fax number.

Visit - Canada's nationwide directory of people and businesses.

Type in the name of the business you are looking for.

Click on the specific location for the business you are looking for. Location choices will come up in the top left-hand side of the website, over the search results.

Click the "Phone and Info" button on the bottom left of the business profile on the search page. The ten-digit fax number will come up below the phone number.

Send your fax.


If the fax number does not come up on, just click on the website for the business. Fax numbers usually are available under the "home" or "contact us" section of the website.