How to Set up a Brother Fax Machine

by R.L. CultronaUpdated September 26, 2017
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Although many messages are sent via email, some documents have to be faxed because of security concerns. Therefore, all businesses need to have a working fax machine in the office. If your company has just purchased a Brother fax machine, snapping together the machine pieces and connecting it to a phone line is easy.

Unpack the toner drum from its wrapping. Shake it back and forth a few times to loosen any toner and to even it out. Remove the plastic tab on the toner drum. Open the front cover of the machine and slide the toner into the inside and close the cover.

Pick up the machine and place it on top of the secondary paper tray. Plug the cable on the secondary tray into the modular plug on the fax machine.

Snap the document support piece to the back of the machine so it is sticking out the top. This piece of plastic supports a document that is being faxed to ensure that it is smoothly read by the machine.

Snap the document tray to the front of the fax machine, sticking outward. This tray will hold faxed documents until you are ready to retrieve them.

Pull the paper tray out of the machine. Slide the tray guides into place for the paper size you want the fax machine to use. Place a stack of blank paper into the tray, filling it approximately 3/4 full with paper. Slide the tray back into the machine.

Connect a phone cable to a phone line in the wall. Connect the other end to the "LINE" port in the machine. Connect the phone that comes with the fax machine to the port, which is designated with a picture of a phone receiver.

Plug the adapter into a wall socket and plug the other end into the power cord input port on the fax machine.

Press "Menu," "1," "2" to enter the date and time menu once the fax machine comes on. Enter the last two digits of the year and press the "Set" key. Repeat this for the month and the date values. Press "Stop/Exit" once the date has been set.

Items you will need

  • Fax phone line

  • Paper

  • Phone cords

  • Wall socket


Once you set up the fax machine, send a fax out to test it. Make sure to call the recipient to ensure that the fax machine is set up and working properly.


You must set the type of phone line you have coming into the machine. If it is a dedicated fax line, press the "Mode" button until the "Fax" mode light is on. If you do not, you will have to answer the phone each time you receive a fax and then manually turn on the fax machine to receive it.


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