How to Send a Test Fax to a Fax Machine

by ContributorUpdated September 26, 2017
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When you set up a fax machine and have it connected to a working phone line, you want to test it to make sure it is working properly. Testing a fax machine will tell you whether you need to troubleshoot your setup or whether the system is functional. You may send a test fax to a fax machine by using an online fax-testing website.

Click on the link for the free Fax Zero service in the Resources Section or find another online fax testing service to send a test fax to your machine.

Enter information about the sender and receiver of the fax in the online fax testing service. You may enter your name or a fictitious name, if you would like. Fill in the required blanks for the sender name, sender email address and the receiver name. Type in the fax machine number that you are testing in the Receiver Fax # field.

Type some text in the Fax Information form field. The text you provide is the message that you will send in your test fax. You might type something like, "This is a test fax to myself." You may also upload a document from your computer to fax to yourself by clicking on the Browse button, locating the document you would like to send in your text fax from your computer files, clicking OK and waiting for the document to upload to the online fax service.

Click Send Free Fax Now to send the test fax to your fax machine.

Listen for your fax machine to ring and for your device to receive your test fax. The fax should be sent within a few minutes.



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