How to Troubleshoot a Panasonic KX-FL511

By Joshua Duvauchelle

Updated September 26, 2017

Panasonic created the KX-FL511 laser printer and fax machine for the home office user, giving it features like a compact all-in-one desktop design and a print speed of 12 page pages per minute (PPM). Even the best-designed fax machine can occasionally malfunction. Troubleshoot your KX-FL511 to identify and resolve potential problems to restore the productivity of your home office.

Check that the KX-FL511 is plugged into a power outlet if its displays are not illuminated. Its power cord should be securely plugged into the back of the machine.

Make sure the KX-FL511 is connected to your phone line if you cannot make or receive calls or faxes. The telephone cable should be connected to both the wall jack and the phone jack on the right side of the back of the machine.

Lift the front plastic panel of the KX-FL511 to reveal its drum unit. Check that a toner cartridge is installed if you cannot print faxes. The cartridge needs replacing if printed materials have missing lines or if the LCD display says "CHANGE DRUM." Insert a new toner cartridge into the back of the drum roll so that it clicks into place, and pull the toner's two front levers forward so the cartridge's arrows match the arrows printed on the drum unit.

Verify that paper is inserted into the machine's top feed tray if you receive paper errors on the KX-FL511's LCD display or if a print job stops before it's complete. Also clear any printed documents from the output tray on the bottom of the fax machine. The output tray can only hold approximately 100 sheets of paper, and letting it fill may cause paper jams.

Change your paper if the KX-FL511 repeatedly jams. Panasonic warns against using paper intended for inkjet printers and recommends using only paper designed for fax machines. Glossy paper, paper with a fiber content higher than 20 percent and wet paper will also clog the machine.


If troubleshooting doesn't resolve your issues, contact Panasonic's support line for fax machines toll-free at 800-435-7329 or by emailing


When attempting to fix the KX-FL511, never disassemble it. Doing so may expose you to risks like high electrical voltage. Contact Panasonic's customer support line to find an authorized service center in your region.