How to Fill Staples in the Swingline 48201

By Jeffrey Brian Airman

Updated September 26, 2017

Overfilling the Swingline 48201 or using the wrong staples can cause a jam.
i staples image by Alex White from

Swingline's model 48201 is a cordless rechargeable electric stapler that is capable of delivering 2,000 staples on a single charge. This electronic model is designed to work with the chisel-tipped S.F. 4 premium staple to secure secure between two and 20 sheets of paper at a time. The cordless rechargeable electric stapler is designed by Swingline to have easy front-loading access for quick staple refills.

Press the oval-shaped black plastic button on the side of the Swingline 48201 to release the tray from the front. The green indicator light on the top of the stapler will turn red when only a few staples are left.

Slide a single strip of S.F. 4 premium staples onto the extended staple tray with their points facing down. If there are still a few staples left in the tray, you may need to break a few off the strip to avoid jamming.

Press the end of the staple tray back into the cordless rechargeable electric stapler until it clicks into place.

Continue using the Swingline stapler until the battery needs a recharge or the low-staple indicator light turns red.