How to Send a Fax With a Calling Card

By Vanessa Glass

Updated September 26, 2017

Calling cards are used for more than just placing calls. You can also use them to send faxes. Although not a lot of people use this option, it has its benefits--the main one being that you can save a little money when faxing long distance. Once you learn how, it is simple to repeat.

Set up the fax like you normally would. Turn it on and put the paper in the fax machine.

Instead of dialing the number you want to fax, dial the calling card number after you hear the dial tone. You can do this by entering the number in the fax machine or by using a phone that is connected to the line.

Next, type in your calling card PIN when asked. This is required a majority of the time, but that depends on your calling card service. It is best to know the PIN number just in case.

After hearing the dial tone again, it is time to enter your destination number. If you are dialing long distance, do not forget the country code as well as the area code (i.e. 1-234-567-8900).

Once you hear the fax tone, you can press the "Send" button. If you've never heard the fax tone before, it is quite distinctive and you will know what it is when you hear it.

Call the destination of the fax to make sure they received it. This is a good idea for those who are trying this for the first time.

Items you will need

  • Calling card

  • Fax machine


If you want to do everything without waiting, you can use pauses when entering the numbers into the fax machine. Just put two commas between the calling card number, PIN number and the destination number before pressing "Send."