How to Find out the owner of any cell phone or unlisted number

by ContributorUpdated September 26, 2017

Ahhh Who the heck is calling me! Do you have this problem? Are you getting calls day and night from unknown numbers? I have had this problem many times and found a few different solutions to finding out who's number that is. Weather the phone number is unlisted, a cell phone or a land line you can find the exact location of where it is from. In the simple steps below I will share with you the methods I take when I get an Unknown number on my mobile phone.

Landlines are almost obsolete but if you are receiving phone calls from a business or someone who still has a landline then this first step will be quick and easy. Go over to Any Who's Website. (found in resources) At Any Who's website you can search for phone numbers by click on reverse lookup. If the phone number is a listed number or landline it will be found immediately. Though if the phone number is not listed or it is a mobile phone number you will need to go on to step two.

If the phone number is unlisted or is a mobile phone number there are several services available online for locating these numbers. Most of these services are excellent and offer the persons name and address. Also some services will even offer more information like Email address and background checks. I personally use Phone Detective. Phone detective provides in their results name, address, carrier, and other details when available.

You may also try calling the number that called you back right after it calls you. Though I have found with telemarketers and business that there return numbers don't work or it redirects somewhere else. Sometimes it is just easier to know who called you before you call it back. Especially if you are not sure you want to talk or not to the person or business calling you.


You may try calling the number back on a pay phone also and listen to see who answers. Hang up if you don't want to talk. Maybe try a friends phone. Be careful with giving your phone number out to companies offline or online. Many companies will sell your phone number. I highly recommend getting a second phone number such as a Skype Number Or a Google Voice Number.

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