How to Fax to Multiple Numbers

By Candace Benson

Updated September 26, 2017

Faxing to multiple numbers, also known as broadcasting a fax, may be useful when sending a multiple-page document to several recipients. Fax broadcasting should not be used to transmit unsolicited faxes to businesses or consumers. If you have a group of numbers you regularly need to transmit the same faxes to, it may be more beneficial to create a "group" on your fax and to simply transmit faxes to the group. If you periodically need to fax more than one number at a time, you can simply enter each fax number.

Press the "Fax" or "Menu" button. If going through the Menu, select "Broadcast Fax."

Insert the fax pages into the feeder.

Add each phone number manually, or enter speed dial numbers or other stored fax numbers, including pre-configured dialing groups. Insert a comma between each number to instruct the dialer to pause between numbers.

Press the "Start" button to send the fax.


Set up "Groups" of fax numbers to make broadcasting faxes easier. Scan the broadcast report after the fax completes. Make note of any fax numbers that the broadcast could not reach. Retry these numbers later, or contact the recipient to ensure that the fax number has not changed. Store the document on the fax to make it easier to resend in case of lost or dropped transmissions.


Your fax will store the document to memory. Make sure you have ample free space prior to beginning the fax process. Fax broadcasts should be used to maximize efficiency and not to spam businesses and consumers. The United States, Canada, and other countries have laws to protect consumers from "junk faxes" or spam through fax. United States citizens may report unsolicited faxes through the FCC.