How to Turn Off the Sound on a Brother Fax Machine

By Cellina LaForey

Updated September 26, 2017

Brother Fax machines have become popular for work-at--home entrepreneurs. Their multifunction capabilities, compact size and affordability make it easy for small-business owners to send and receive faxes. The one downside to having such equipment in a home office are the sounds associated with business equipment. After all, work at home moms who try to squeeze in a few hours of work when the family is asleep don’t want the beeping sound of a fax machine to wake their sleeping children. Here’s how to turn of the sound on a Brother fax machine.

Pull out the manual for the fax machine. Because Brother manufactures over 50 different models of fax machines, the instructions for turning off the sound vary from model to model. Each machine has its own way to disable sound, therefore, it is important to locate the user manual.

Print out the Help menu from the fax machine. If you cannot locate your user manual, use the Help function to find the instructions to turn the sound off on your Brother fax machine. The machines have a “Help” button on the front of their fax machines (on some models, the "Help" function doubles as the "Copy" button) to print a list of functions on how to control the fax machine.

Download the user manual from the Brother website (see References), if you cannot find the user manual and are having a difficult time locating the “Help” button on your machine. All you need is your fax model number. Go to the “Download Manuals and Product Documentation” page on the Brother website (accessed via "Home," "Fax Machines," "Manuals").

Select the proper model number for your fax machine and click “View Download.” All manuals are downloadable .PDF files.

Browse the downloaded document for instructions on how to turn off the sound on your fax machine. The quickest way to locate how to turn off the sound within a document is to type “Ctrl + F” and search for “sound” or “beeper.”


The user manuals are available in several languages. To download the manuals in languages other than English, be sure to select the language of choice using the drop down menu in the upper right-hand corner of the Brother website.