How to Fax From Your Computer

By Editorial Team

Updated September 26, 2017

You can use your computer to fax documents if you don't have a fax machine. There are several online options for sending a fax, and some companies even offer free faxing capabilities. These capabilities may be limited, so check out faxing sites that charge a small monthly fee as well. These companies offer more faxing options in their fax packages.

Go online and browse the various fax-sending sites on the Internet. FaxZero and are popular free-fax services. RingCentral and MetroFax are well-rated fax services that have monthly plans. Most pay sites offer free trials as well.

Create the document that you want to fax from your computer. Most likely, you'll need to send a PDF file, a Microsoft Word document or an Excel spreadsheet. Some sites allow you to add plain text as well.

Go to the free-fax company's website if you chose that option. You'll need to enter your email address and the number you want to send the fax to. Input the text or attach the document you want to fax from your computer. Follow the instructions for your particular site and send your fax. If you've signed up for a pay-fax service, log into your account and follow the instructions on the site to send your fax.