How to Fix Fax Machines

by Patricia BellUpdated September 26, 2017

Fax machines are important to any business owner who wants to communicate via fax instead of sending a document by postal mail. It saves time and money for the business. So when a fax machine is not working, it puts the business owner’s productivity in jeopardy. Fixing the machine is often cheaper than replacing it.

The Process

Check to see if the fax machine is properly connected to the telephone line and that there is a dial tone. This may be the cause of not being able to receive or send any faxes. Find out if the phone is giving you a dial tone. If not, call the phone company to send out a technician.

Examine the plug or chord to make sure that the fax machine is plugged in correctly. Test the fax machine by trying to send a test fax. If that does not work, plug the fax machine into another outlet. If you use a surge protector, make sure that it is on.

Take the cover off the fax machine to get inside of it. Use a clean cloth to clean out any dust or particles that may have dropped inside. You will know if this is the problem when your faxes come out with marks on the paper.

Check to see if the ink cartridge in the fax machine is working properly. If you are seeing ink marks on your faxes or copy, it means that you need to replace the cartridge. Purchase a new cartridge and install it.

Take the fax machine to an office equipment service center to have a technician look at it. If it is new, return it to the store.

Items you will need

  • Alcohol

  • Clean cloth

  • Electric chord


Be sure that the paper in the fax machine is properly placed because this can sometimes cause the paper to come out blank when a fax is received or sent.


When cleaning the fax machine, be sure to read the manual to see what should or should not be done during the cleaning process.


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