How to Repair a Copy Machine

by Patricia BellUpdated September 26, 2017

The copy machine is indispensable to your office if you need to make duplicates of papers or documents regularly. There are two types of copier machines, a stand-alone copier or a copier as a part of an all-in-one printer (AIO). It is important to maintain your copy machine well because, like every machine, it is prone to depreciation in terms of functionality over a period of time through constant use. However, you can repair your copy machine and maintain it well without technical help and increase its longevity.

The Process

Look at the display on the copy machine screen to find the reason for any paper jam. The most common problem with a copy machine is the "paper jam" issue. Open the cover and see where the paper jam has occurred.

Remove the paper without disassembling the copier, if the paper is stuck in the machine. Try to remove it tactfully, rather than applying so much force to make it break or dislodge some parts of the machine unnecessarily.

Pull the sheet of paper out gently so it does not tear off. It is recommended to pull the paper in the direction opposite of the way it was stuck.

Check if there are any pieces of paper stuck or parts that were broken or damaged. If you see any part of the copier dislodged or broken, it is better to seek technical assistance.

Look for any error that reads "replace toner" message on the screen. If the machine is out of toner, you have to replace the old cartridge with a new one. Shake the new toner horizontally and place it firmly in the process unit of the copier.

Read the guide that came along with the copier. You will find the basic troubleshooting steps in the guide or refer to the Internet for solving basic or common problems. For basic errors, you do not have to call technical support

Items you will need

  • Paper removal

  • Screen observation


One of the best ways to maintain your copier is to keep it clean and dust-free with a soft clean cloth. Clean the glass top with a soft piece of cloth dipped in alcohol

You also may get jamming errors on the mini-screen even before you’ve started scanning the paper, which will tell you the nature of the problem.


Always unplug the copier machine before you do any repair or maintenance on it. While changing the toner, some machines require you to remove the device or processing unit on which the old toner is seated, onto a stable surface. Check your manual about directions on how to change the toner cartridge. Exercise care while performing this task.


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