How to Find a Sample Fax Cover Sheet

by M.T. WroblewskiUpdated September 26, 2017
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Like many other business tasks, tracking down a sample fax cover sheet might make you wonder, “Now, how hard can this be?” In reality, finding a fax cover sheet template isn't difficult, but narrowing your choices might be. You face two basic arenas: your word processing program or the online universe.

Word Processing Options

Open your word processing program and click on the “file” tab in the upper-left corner. Click “new,” which will open another box to the right.

Look for a button that says “letters and fax,” “faxes,” “fax covers” or “templates and documents,” depending on your particular word processing program and version. Hit the appropriate button and wait for a template gallery to appear.

Browse through the fax cover sheet gallery until you find a sheet that appeals to you. Remember that after you hit the “create” button, you will be able to tweak the sheet to your specifications. For example, if you find a style that you like but don't like the words “To” and “From” at the top of the fax cover sheet, you can change the words to “Sender” and “Recipient.”

Online Options

Open your browser and type the words “fax cover sheet” or “fax cover sheet templates.” Add the adjective “free” if this is your objective. Either way, you should find hundreds of websites that offer fax cover sheet templates.

Confine your online search by going straight to Google Docs if you want to simplify the process. Type “fax cover” in the search box at the top of the page, then click “search templates.” A gallery of templates will appear. Preview those that look promising and then click on “use this template” for the one you wish to use.

Research verbiage ideas if you want to add a “confidential” warning or disclaimer at the bottom of your fax cover sheet. Most free templates do not include this feature, but they're appropriate when you're sending a sensitive, classified document or one that is related to a legal or health issue. The University of Rochester and University of Maine websites offer suggestions for wording such warnings and disclaimers (see Resources).


If you get stuck anywhere along the way in creating a fax cover sheet in your word processing program, go to the "help" feature to help you navigate the difficulty.



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