How to Send a Fax to Ireland

By Alexis Dawes

Updated September 26, 2017

Sending a fax.

Your business contact in Ireland needs some important paperwork. Perhaps you’re spending the summer in Ireland and you need to fax over the rental papers. You sit down at the fax machine and realize that you don’t know how to send a fax to Ireland. Don’t fret. Sending a fax to Ireland is really no different than calling a telephone in Ireland. You still have to dial the same sets of numbers, only one number will go to a fax machine and another to a telephone.

Load the papers into the fax machine. You’ll want everything ready to go before you start dialing the number.

Dial the country exit code. Each country has its own exit code. If you’re sending the fax from the United States or Canada, the exit code is 011.

Dial Ireland’s country code. The country code for Ireland is 353. You’ll need to dial the country code whether you’re calling or faxing Ireland.

Dial the city area code. Each city has its own designated area code. For example, the area code for Ennis is 65.

Dial the fax number. This is typically a seven-digit number.

Press “send” or whatever button starts the dialing sequence. Once you hit the appropriate button, the numbers will dial, and your fax should begin going through.

Items you will need

  • Papers that need to be faxed

  • Fax machine


In some offices you must dial a certain number to reach an outside line. Make sure you incorporate this number before you dial the country exit code.