How to Send a Fax From Canada to England

by Ian MooreUpdated September 26, 2017

Although faxing information is not so common anymore, there are still times when faxing is inevitable. Whether you need to fax a signature or send personal documents to a business, you may need to send a fax overseas. Sending a fax from Canada to England is not difficult because it follows the same format as all international faxes. As long as you have the required information from the party that you wish to fax, you should not experience any problems.

Find a fax machine that allows international faxes. If you do not own one, use a machine in your work place or go to an office supplies store, such as Office Max, and use one for a fee.

Find out if you need to dial 9 before the number. Some businesses require this to make a phone call or fax.

Dial 011 to dial the country code of Canada. This must be dialed to make a fax outside of the country.

Dial 44 to dial the country code of England. Go to the (see Resources) to view more country codes around the world.

Dial the city code for England. Remove the first digit of the city code if it begins with a 0. Because you are dialing outside of England you need to drop the first 0.

Dial the local number of the recipient's fax machine and press send. The machine will let you know whether or not the fax was successful.


If you use a store's fax machine, you will be charged based on how many pages you send. You may also send faxes over the Internet (See Resources.)



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