How to Send a Fax Without a Long Distance Carrier

by Taffy WagnerUpdated September 26, 2017

For the person who does not have a long distance carrier and need to send a fax, below are some creative and cost-effective ways to send a fax. Some offer a monthly fee or a one-time payment depending on your needs.

Send a fax through an online fax service such as or These services do not need a fax machine, a phone line or software installation. You can send and receive faxes at any time. With if you want to send and receive using a local fax number, the monthly charge is $5.49 a month. If you want send faxes by web or email the cost is 7 cents per page. With the cost is $12.95 per month for 1,000 pages whether it is inbound or outbound or both. The activation fee is $9.95. Once you are over those 1,000 pages, then the cost is 3 cents per page and there is no contract.

Go to a local office supply store or a store such as Mailboxes and ask them to fax your document. This will cost you a nominal per page fee, however it will ensure that your document is sent and you can get a copy of the transmission report saying that it was sent.

Go to your bank and ask if you can fax a document. Explain that you do not have a fax and the document needs to get there by a certain time. If it is not your bank but a bank in the area, more than likely there will be a nominal charge.

If you work outside of the home, ask if you can send a fax through the fax at your job. They usually allow employees to send faxes local and long distance. When employees send long distance faxes, they usually keep a record and ask for payment at the end of the month.

Go to your local library. See if they have a fax machine and allow the general public to use it.

For people that live in an apartment complex, they usually have a business center for the residents to use. Find out how much it costs to send a fax from the business center.

Check with the community resource center or local recreation center in your neighborhood. Find out if they have a fax machine and allow residents to use it.

If you own a fax machine and do not have long distance, you can use a calling card. Dial from the fax machine.

Go to a local supermarket. They will usually fax documents at the service desk for a nominal fee.

Items you will need

  • The document that you need to fax.

  • Money if you are required to pay.


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