How to Troubleshoot a Canon Copier

By Art Corvelay

Updated September 26, 2017

Canon is one of the most reputable companies that produces copy machines. Copy machines can be especially frustrating because they can oftentimes be very complex. When something goes wrong with a copier, there are a few key troubleshooting steps that can be followed to solve some common issues.

Make sure that there is not a paper jam in the copier. Open the side hatch door of your Canon copier to see if there is a paper jam. Canon copiers will notify the user if there is paper jam on the LCD display on the front of the copier.

Cancel any print jobs before starting a new one if you are experiencing a problem printing to your Canon copier. To do this, use the LCD screen and click "Print Jobs." From this menu, you can cancel any existing jobs.

Make sure that you have enough ink in your printer cartridge. The LCD will tell you if the cartridge is low on ink.

Make sure that there is enough paper to complete your copy or print job. Open the printer drawers located in the front side of the copier.

Unplug the copier, wait 1 minute and plug the copier back in to "reset" the copier. This will often solve many copier problems, including a problem with not copying or printing.