How to Find Telephone Numbers in Canada

By Joshua Duvauchelle

Updated September 26, 2017

According to the Canadian federal government, more than 33 million individuals live in the country. Thus, it sometimes is difficult to locate the phone number of a friend, business associate or acquaintance. Learn how to find telephone numbers in Canada to get in touch with lost contacts for personal or business purposes.

Consult your local provincial phone book if the individual for whom you are searching for lives within your province. Local phone books are provided by local telephone service providers, such as Rogers, Telus or Bell. If you do not have a local phone book, request one from your service provider by contacting the provincial office. The contact information is listed on your home telephone bill and also online.

Search for the individual's phone number on Canada 411, an online phone book with data from all major Canadian phone service providers. Canada 411 is useful if you are searching for an out-of-province individual who might not be listed in your local phone book. You will need to know the individual's first and last name. To narrow the search (essential if you are searching for someone with a common name), it is helpful to know the individual's province and postal code.

Hire a private investigator if the telephone number you are searching for is not publicly available or easily accessible. A private investigator within your province can be located through the Canadian Private Investigators' Resource Center.

Contact any known friends, family members or business associates of the individual whom you are attempting to contact. Some individuals might delist themselves from public phone records. In such cases, you can request the individual's friends or family relay your message so he or she can contact you.


Try searching for the individual using any past names or maiden names if you are not getting results for the name you are using.