How to Make an International Call From Russia to the USA

By William Adkins

Updated August 23, 2018

Travel to Russia, once a rare event for Americans, is now a routine event. If you are visiting as a tourist or on business, you will probably want to make an international call from Russia to the USA at some point during your trip. You will need to know the correct calling procedure, but otherwise it’s not at all difficult. Because of the time differences between the United States and Russia, some advance planning is in order so you can call at a convenient time and when calling charges are lowest.

Allow for the time difference between locations in the Russian Federation and the United States. For example, when it’s noon in Moscow, it’s 4 am on the East coast of the United States and 1 am on the West coast. You’ll want to plan carefully to call at off-peak hours or on weekends while making sure you don’t wake your party up in the middle of the night.

Save money when you make an international call from Russia to the USA by enrolling in a discount international calling plan. ATT and other major companies offer these plans. Another possibility is to buy a discount calling card from a company like Penny Talk or Pingo. Shop around, though. Some calling cards are expensive, while others have rates of 5 cents a minute or even less.

Make an international cal from Russia to the USA by first dialing 8, and then pause until you hear a new dial tone. Then dial 10 + 1 + the area code and phone number. For example, to dial a number in Atlanta, Georgia, you would dial 8, then pause. When the dial tone comes on, dial 10 + 1 +404 (Atlanta area code) + your party’s phone number.

Items you will need

  • Discount calling plan or card

  • International access and calling codes


The United States is a member of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), along with US territories, Canada, and several Caribbean nations. This procedure works for any NANP member nation.