How to Shrink-Wrap a DVD From Home

By Alicia Bodine

Updated September 26, 2017

Shrink-wrapping items gives them the appearance that they are brand new. It also keeps products safe from scratches and dust. If you have some DVDs you want to sell, you should consider using shrink wrap on them. This is true even if the item is used. The person who buys the DVD will receive it with the shrink wrap and instantly get a good impression of you as a seller. This will result in positive feedback and more business.

Buy a roll of shrink wrap. You can get it at any craft store such as Michaels (see Resources).

Roll out the shrink wrap and set your DVD on it.

Flip the shrink wrap up and over the DVD so that the shrink wrap covers the DVD on all sides.

Cut away any excess shrink wrap with a pair of scissors.

Use the high heat switch on a hair dryer and blow the heat on all sides of the DVD. This will shrink the wrap around the DVD. You will need to do it on all sides so the wrap shrinks evenly.

Items you will need

  • Hair Dryer

  • Shrink wrap bags

  • Scissors


Leave at least 1 inch of shrink wrap on all sides of the DVD. Work on a flat surface for best results.


Watch that you don't shrink the wrap too small. This will cause it to rip.