How to Dial a Fax Number From USA to London

by Ang BergUpdated September 26, 2017

Dialing the United Kingdom from anywhere in the world has become increasingly confusing since the implementation of “The Big Number Change” in 2000. The Big Number Change was an update of dialing codes in response to an increase in telecommunications.

Locate a fax machine, and place your documents backwards and upside down into the paper feeder.

Enter the United States international prefix code, 011. This is the number that is used to call anywhere outside the United states.

Next, enter the United Kingdom’s country code: 44. So far you have dialed 011 + 44.

Now, enter the 20 area code for London. The actual area code for London is 020, but the first 0 is dropped when you are dialing from abroad. You should now have entered 011 + 44 + 20.

Add the number that you are trying fax. Keep in mind that after the Big Number Change in 2000, telephone numbers in the United Kingdom became eight digits. Altogether, you should have dialed 011 + 44 + 20 + XXXX-XXXX.

Finally, press the send or start key on your fax machine. Many fax machines will provide you with a report confirming the status of your fax.

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