How to Send a Fax to China

by Kat ConsadorUpdated September 26, 2017

China is the world's fastest-growing economy. In the midst of globalization, various businesses in the United States have numerous contacts in China. Communication is vital and technology is certainly a way to help hasten the delivery of a message. One way to get a message across is by sending a fax. Many people are intimidated at the prospect of sending a fax all the way to the other side of the world. In the end, it merely takes a few more codes than usual to send a fax to China. So, if you don't have the time to shovel a hole all the way to China, you may want to consider sending a fax.


Make sure your fax machine is on the international service plan. Once you figure out if your fax machine has the capability to send a fax on an international basis, physically prepare your papers to be faxed.

Dial "9" if it is necessary. Many businesses and institutions require you to dial "9" in order to make an external call or fax.

Dial "011" to dial outside of the United States. This is called the international access code.

Dial "86" to dial to China. This is called a country code. Each country has a specific country code.

Dial the city code. For example, Beijing's city code is "10". Each city within China has a specific city code.

Dial the local fax number that you want to send your fax to.

Press "Send." Wait for the fax machine processing sounds to come to an end. The fax machine will state whether sending the fax was a success. Some fax machines are programmed to print out a status report.

Items you will need

  • Fax machine

  • International service plan

  • Paper(s) to fax


Only dial "9" at the beginning if it is required by your business or institution You may notice that the same codes being used to fax are also used when making an international phone call from the United States to China.


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