How to Send a Fax to England

by Kat ConsadorUpdated September 26, 2017

If you have contacts in England, you may need to learn how to send an international fax. Global communication is what makes the world go round. There are various ways of sharing information. Sending a fax is just one way of getting your message across. As you will learn, sending a fax across the entire expanse of the Atlantic Ocean is different from sending a domestic fax. However, once you've mastered the formula, it will be easy to send a fax to England. Here are some valuable tips on sending a fax overseas.

Find a fax machine. Make sure that this fax machine has international coverage.

Find out if you have to dial "9". Some businesses and institutions require you to dial "9" in order to make an external phone call or fax.

Dial "011" in order to place a call or a fax outside of the country if you are faxing from within the United States.

Dial England's country code. The country code for England is "44".

Dial the specific city code. For example, London's city code is "020". If you are dialing from abroad, you must drop the first "0". Therefore, if you're sending a fax from the United States to England, you would dial "20".

Dial the local number of the fax machine that you wish to send your fax to.

Press the "Send" Key. Listen to the typical fax machine sounds that you would encounter with every typical in-process fax. The fax machine will then inform you whether or not your fax was successful. Some fax machines are programmed to provide you with a confirmation through a status report.

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