How to Program a Fax Machine

by Julia FullerUpdated September 26, 2017

Programming your new fax machine ensures that your phone number, business name, the date, and time are included with each faxed document. This information can be invaluable to your business if you are faxing customer quotes with time limits for acceptance. Of course, including this information on each fax also makes your documents and ultimately your business appear more professional. Internet savvy customers expect information quickly. Therefore, utilizing a fax machine to finalize transactions quickly can increase your customer base.

Push the button on the fax machine that says "Setup."

Use the arrow key that points to the right to go to the option that you want to program. Options are numbered.

Choose the option for "Basic Fax Setup." You choose this by pushing the "OK" button when you arrive at that option by using the right arrow key. At Date and Time push "OK" again.

Enter today's date and time. Use the arrow keys to move right or left and then use the number key pad to enter each correct number. After you enter the correct date and time push "OK." The screen may return to the ready mode.

Repeat the previous steps to get back to "Basic Fax Setup." Use your arrow key to get to the next step to program, "Fax Header." Push the "OK" button again. Use the key pad to enter the business name that you want to appear on each fax. When you are finished push "OK," you will be prompted to enter your fax number. Use the keypad to enter your fax number then push "OK."

Repeat the steps to get back to "Basic Fax Setup." This time choose Rings to Answer and push "OK." If you are using a line dedicated to just the fax machine, choose “1” ring. If you are using it for a phone line as well, you probably want to increase the number of rings. Choose your number and push "OK."

Look at the other options located in "Basic Fax Setup" to ascertain if you need to change them. They include "Fax Paper Size,” program this if you are not using regular 8.5x11 inch paper. "Tone or pulse dialing" if you happen to still be using pulse then you will need to change this option. "Ring and Beep Volume" if you notice that the sound is disturbing your work or customers then change this option. If you are going out of town and want your faxes forwarded somewhere then use the “Fax Forwarding” option.


Other options that do not need to be programmed but you might find helpful are speed dial. If you frequently send faxes to the same numbers, you might want to enter them in speed dial. Advanced Setup Options include ring patter choices, redial options, and reduction options. These do not need to be programmed unless your business needs these options.

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