How to Find a Fax Number Online

By Editorial Team

Updated September 26, 2017

Find a fax number online
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Finding a fax number on the internet is not always easy. There are plenty of websites that charge you to use their services; however, there are a few that do not charge a fee. You can also do a company search through a search engine like Google to see if a fax number is displayed with the rest of the business information.

Visit Google or and type in the name of the company for which you wish to obtain a fax number. A fax number for the company is often included in the results.

If that search does not find what you need, call up Jigsaw, a business directory website that allows you to do a free search to find business information on a particular company. This is one of the few websites that let you search for a fax number for free.

Register on Jigsaw's website. After registration, you can search for as many fax numbers as you need without paying a fee.

Type in the business name and Jigsaw will show the results for that company.

Click on the correct name to display the company information, typically including the phone number and website. The company website often lists the fax number on a "Contact Us" web page.