How to Send a Fax to Vietnam

by Renae De LeonUpdated September 26, 2017

Vietnam, once a war torn nation, is now experiencing an amazing burst of tourism. If you are planning a vacation to Vietnam, if you have family in Vietnam or if you have business colleagues in Vietnam then you may need to send a fax to this country. If you do don’t worry. Sending a fax to Vietnam is just as easy as calling the country.

Draft a cover sheet which summarizes your fax. The cover sheet needs to say who the fax is from, who it is for, how many pages are attached and what the fax is about. Also, if the fax contains confidential information make sure you denote this on the cover sheet. Next neatly stack all of the pages for your fax and insert then in your fax machine.

Dial the international call code for faxes leaving the U.S. and going overseas. Follow this calling code with the country code for Vietnam. This code combination looks like this: 011+84.

Determine the rest of the dialing code for your fax from the U.S. to Vietnam. You will need the city code for the Vietnam city you are trying to fax too as well as the local fax number. Here are some of the city codes for Vietnam: Ha Noi 04, Da Nang 51, Ho Chi Minh 08, Lao Cai 20, Tan Ninh 66, Thai Nguyen 280, Son La 22. Here is a sample calling code for a fax going to Ha Noi: 011 61 (04) 1234321.

Deliver your fax by pressing the send button on your fax machine. Wait for all of the pages to be scanned and transmitted before you turn off your fax machine or try to send another fax.

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