How to Fax to Norway

by Renae De LeonUpdated September 26, 2017

Faxing a document to Norway is just a little more complicated then faxing a document to another state. In order to fax something to Norway you will need to know the overseas dialing code, the country code for Norway, the city code for the Norwegian city you are sending your fax to and the local fax number. Once you have these numbers written down, you will be ready to send your fax half way around the world.

Prepare your document to be faxed to Norway. Set it in the fax machine and hit the speaker button. Now you are ready to send your fax.

Dial the international dialing code for overseas calls that originate in the U.S. This code is 011.

Enter the country code for Norway, which is 47. Norway is unique in that you don’t have to dial a city code. This will save you a few numbers.

Complete your dialing by entering the local fax number for the person or company that you are faxing your document to. This will be an eight-digit number.

Send your fax by waiting for the fax machine on the other line to pick up and hitting “Send.” This will start the transmission of your fax. Conclude your fax by waiting for the confirmation that it went through. This confirmation can come in the form of a reading on the LED screen or a printed page produced by the fax machine.

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