How to Fax to Taiwan

By Renae De Leon

Updated September 26, 2017

Taiwan is one of the world’s busiest business districts. It is not only the center of a major trade and manufacturing network, but it also a hot spot for international tourism. If you have business in Taiwan, if you are planning a vacation to Taiwan or if you know someone in Taiwan then you may need to send a fax to this country. If you do, then you will need to complete a few basic steps to get your documents from your U.S. fax machine to a Taiwan fax machine.

Prepare the fax that you want to send to Taiwan. Make sure you also prepare cover sheet that explains who the fax is from, who the fax is for and how many pages are included.

Enter the international dialing code for calls leaving the United States as well as the country code for Taiwan. The initial dialing code for a fax going to Taiwan will look like this: 011+886.

Complete your fax dialing code by entering the Taiwan city code and the local fax number. Here are a few city dialing codes for Taiwan: Changhua 47, Chunan 36, Hualien 38, Ping Tung 08, and Taoyuan 33. A complete fax number to a Taiwan fax machine will look something like this: 011+886+47+2522233.

Wait for your fax to complete its transmission before trying to send another fax or take a call on your fax line. Also, if the fax is important, you may want to call the recipient of the fax in Taiwan to confirm that all of the pages came through and that the fax was easy to read.