How to Fax to Switzerland

By Renae De Leon

Updated September 26, 2017

The Swiss are known for many things, including lucrative banking and business opportunities. If you have personal or business contacts in Switzerland then chances are you will have the need to send a fax to this country. Fortunately, sending a fax to Switzerland from the United States is very easy to do. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

Determine what documents you want to send over in your fax. You will need them prepared ahead of time before you can send your fax. Also remember to create a cover sheet which identifies the sender, the recipient of the fax, your return fax number and a brief description of what the fax is about and how many pages it contains.

Dial the international dialing code for calls leaving the U.S. plus the country code for Switzerland. This number combination will be 011+41.

Enter the city area code and the seven digit local fax number for your contact. For faxes going to Baden you will dial 056+the local fax number, for Bern you will dial 091+ the local fax number, for Luzern you will dial 041 + the local fax number, and for Zurich you will dial 044 or 043 or 01 + the local fax number. Here is a complete dialing code example for a Switzerland fax coming from the United States and going to a Bern fax number: 011+41+091+5555555.

Wait for the Swiss fax line to connect with your fax and then press send. Wait for your fax to finish transmitting and for your confirmation to be sent before sending your next fax.