How to Refill Canon Ink Cartridges

by ContributorUpdated December 10, 2019

Ink jet printer cartridges are pricey to replace. Frequently replacing Canon cartridges can send you to the poor house in a hurry. Save a significant amount of money when you purchase ink jet ink and refill the cartridges yourself. In less time than it takes to go the store and purchase a new cartridge, you can refill an old one at home.

Remove the old ink jet cartridge from the printer following the manufacturer instructions. Close the lid on the printer to keep it free from dust and debris while you are refilling the Canon ink cartridge.

Locate the ink tank on the cartridge. Put a 3mm drill bit in a drill. Drill a hole in the top of the ink tank on the cartridge.

Gently insert the needle on the bottle of ink into the hole you just drilled in the ink cartridge. Avoid squeezing the bottle until the needle is completely inserted in the ink tank.

Squeeze the ink bottle gently to refill the cartridge. Fill the tank with a little at a time until the cartridge is full.

Remove the needle from the ink tank. Wipe the top of the Canon ink cartridge off with a paper towel. Place a small piece of duct tape over the drilled hole. Rub the tape to remove air bubbles and to make sure it adheres to the cartridge.

Put the refilled ink cartridge back into the printer. Clean the head of the printer by running the printer software and following the instructions for head cleaning.

Items you will need

  • Ink jet printer ink refill

  • Electric drill

  • Drill bit

  • Paper towels

  • Duct tape

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