How to Use a Fax Machine

by ContributorUpdated September 26, 2017

How to Use a Fax Machine. Faxing is an efficient way to quickly send documents that you don't have time to mail or the technology to scan. It is still the preferred method for sending signed documents. Fax machines can be confusing at first, however, using a personal fax machine does not have to be intimidating.

Create a cover letter to use saying who the document is for and from as well as the intended fax number and your phone number. This alerts the office or home the fax is sent to who it is intended for. Place cover letter on top of your documents and insert them into the fax machine feeder facing in the direction the machine specifies.

Enter the fax number into the machine. There will be a number pad just like a phone on the fax machine. Carefully type in the number so you do not make any mistakes, as it is difficult to know when you have dialed a wrong fax number.

Hit the send key once you have properly entered all of the numbers into the machine. This will initiate the sending of the documents. The send key should be larger than the others and easy to locate. Traditionally, it is placed next to or below the keypad.

Wait for your documents to pass through the machine and collect them when finished. Whatever you are sending will pass through a series of rollers that feed it through the machine and copy it digitally.

Look for a confirmation page to print. This will tell you whether or not your fax successfully went through.

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