How to Address a Fax

By Contributor

Updated September 26, 2017

How to Address a Fax. Even in this age of email, it's sometimes necessary to sent paper documents to business associates, and a fax machine is still required in today's business world. A properly addressed fax is a sign of professionalism, and you're more likely to leave a good impression if you learn how to address a fax.

Get the necessary contact information. Collect the recipient's name (correctly spelled), her fax number, and her land line number. Be sure that you know your own fax number and land line number, as well.

Find a cover sheet. Many businesses have cover sheets with the company letterhead. If your business does not have pre-printed cover sheets, try using Microsoft Office's cover letter templates, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

Fill in the cover letter with all of the contact information. If you aren't typing into a form, be sure to write carefully and legibly. Include all of the information from Step 1. Also include the total number of pages to be sent, so the recipient knows when all of the pages have arrived.

Send the fax. Be sure to wait for confirmation. Most fax machines have a front-panel display that verifies that the transmission was successfully completed. If your fax machine doesn't have a display, you may want to call your recipient to make sure he received all of the pages.


You may want to include a "memo" within your cover sheet. This section briefly describes the documents you're sending. If you're sending a fax to a large organization, it can help make sure the pages get to the right person.