How to Tune a Mars TRC Series Coin Changer

By Spicy Pepper

Updated September 26, 2017

How to tune a Mars Electronics TRC Series Coin Changer (Models 6000/6010, 6510, 6512, 6800) Mars Electronics are factory set to maximize the amount of valid coin acceptance. However, re- tuning a changer may be necessary due to mishandling, dirt, or age. Why send the item in to a service center when you can re-tune it yourself ?

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Turn off the machine

Lower acceptor/gate assembly, but don't unplug it.

If your changer has option switches (like the Mars TRC-6800 series) then set the option switches like this: 1-ON 2-OFF 3-ON 4-ON. If your changer doesn't have option switches (like the Mars TRC-6000), then skip this step.

Find the 'tuning pins'. On the TRC-60X0, TRC -6510, and the TRC-6800 the tuning pins are located behind the acceptor/gate assembly, below and to the right. They are they only two pins sticking out from the black plastic. On the TRC-6800, they are the two pins on the back and bottom of the acceptor/gate assembly.

Short the two pins by taking a screwdriver and touching both pins at the same time.

With the screwdriver still touching the two pins, turn the machine on. (Don't worry, you won't be shocked.)

Remove the screwdriver from the pins, and place the acceptor/gate assembly back into place.

The changer is now in tuning mode, follow the tuning coin set below. 8. Insert a nickel, then a dime, then a quarter (then a token, if you want it to take tokens). Again, insert a nickel, dime, quarter (and then token if you want it to take a token). It should reject all of these coins, that's okay.

Then depress the coin reject lever fully two times.

Tuning of the coin changer is complete. If it doesn't take, try tuning it again.

Items you will need

  • Mars Electronics TRC Series Coin

  • Changer

  • Screwdriver