How to Send an International Fax

by ContributorUpdated September 26, 2017

How to Send an International Fax. If you have international contacts, you may need to send them faxes from time to time. Although faxing to an international number is easy, you do need to perform a few different steps than when you send a fax to a United States fax number.

Find out the country code of the person to whom you plan to send a fax. You'll have to gather some information prior to attempting to send the fax. Use online resources such as the Country Codes Web site (see Resources below), to find out the exact code needed to send your fax.

Go to a fax machine that accepts international faxes. You'll need a fax machine that has international coverage provided on the account.

Dial 011, the country code and then the fax number. Depending on the fax you're sending from, you may need to dial "9" first to get an outside line. On public fax machines, you'll find a list of international fax instructions.

Press the "Send" key. After selecting the number, send the document through the fax machine. Listen to the dialing noises made by the fax machine to see if the fax has gone through. Some fax machines print out a status report after attempting to send the document.


Listen for a busy signal when attempting to send an international fax. In this case, you likely have dialed the wrong number and the fax did not go through.


Don't press "1" first when sending an international fax. This denominator is only used when sending faxes within the United States.


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