How to Load Paper Into a Fax Machine

By Editorial Team

Updated September 26, 2017

Load Paper Into a Fax Machine

How to Load Paper Into a Fax Machine. How you load paper into a fax machine usually depends on the type of fax machine and whether you want the paper to automatically or manually feed through the machine. Here are the most common ways to load paper into a fax machine.

Load the outgoing document face-up or face-down depending on your brand's faxing instructions. Many fax machines require that outgoing document be loaded face-down. If your fax machine is a combo fax, scanner and/or printer you may not need to physically load the outgoing document as the fax machine's software will prompt you to choose a pre-existing or scanned computer file to fax.

Open your fax machine's paper tray or read your manufacturer's instructions to determine how much paper you need to fill the tray. If your fax service is internal to a large commercial copy machine, several packets of paper may be necessary to fill the tray.

Measure the amount of paper that you need. Carefully tap the edge of your paper packet on a flat surface so that all of the sheets are aligned and there are no stray sheets of paper sticking out.

Fill your fax machine's paper tray to receive a paper transmission confirmation of outgoing faxes or to print incoming ones. Keep in mind that most paper trays have tiny tabs at each corner of the tray or a fill line so that you can not overfill the tray and cause paper jams.