How to Troubleshoot a Cotton Candy Machine

By Editorial Team

Updated September 26, 2017

Cotton candy machines create a delicious spun-sugar confection from liquid floss sugar. The machine spins the liquefied sugar while forcing it through small holes. The spun-sugar floss solidifies and forms the familiar threads of cotton candy.

Check the power supply. Cotton candy machines are not complicated machines. The power supply can burn out during use.

Run a diagnostic check of the machine's electrical circuits. A wire may have pulled loose during cleaning or a connector could have broken if the unit was handled roughly.

Check out the unit's motor. The motor gets a workout and over the years the wear and tear can take its toll.

Make certain that the On/Off switch is functioning. Although the switch should last a lifetime, cotton candy machines take a lot of abuse when moved for storage.

Clean the output heads of the unit. The output heads are where the liquid floss sugar sprays out. These can become clogged with hardened sugar. Proper cleaning and maintenance should keep the heads in good working order.