How to Receive a Fax by Email

By Contributor

Updated September 26, 2017

How to Receive a Fax by Email. In this world of mobile technology, there are devices that can email, phone and even exchange videos with other people. The one mobile device that eludes us is the fax machine. Not only would they be too big to carry, but they'd look pretty funny too. Fortunately, you can receive a fax by email.

Research the various Internet fax services. There are a handful of different services, so compare their costs and customer feedback.

Determine which fax service will meet your needs and budget. Sign up for the service and provide them with your payment information.

Provide the service with your primary email address. Some services will allow you to have faxes sent directly to your email, while others will send a notification email telling you that there is a fax available for download.

Have a friend or cowroker send you a fax to test the service.

An email will arrive in your in-box, which, depending on the service, will either have the fax attached or give you the location of the fax to download.

Open up the document and read your fax.


Each service will have slightly different directions and protocol, but in nearly all cases you can receive faxes by email in PDF format. Be sure to test the service. You don't want to lose any important faxes.


Read all "User Agreements" and payment Information thoroughly, so as not to accidentally subject yourself to hidden costs.