How to Make a Phone Call on a Fax Machine

by ContributorUpdated August 26, 2019

How to Make a Phone Call on a Fax Machine. You are at the office, every phone is in use, and you need to make an emergency call to a client... What do you do? It is simple. Just use the fax machine! Fax machines use phone lines to transmit their documents, so it also doubles as a telephone. Here is how to make a phone call on a fax machine.

Locate your fax machine. Be sure that is has a telephone handset.

Lift the telephone handset to your ear. Do this like you would with a telephone.

Dial your number. Depending on your home or office phone system, you may need to dial "9" to reach an outside line.

Await an answer from the party you are calling. The fax machine will ring the same way a telephone does.

For long distance calls, you will have to dial "1" and the area code of the number you are calling.


Since you are calling from a fax machine, the recipient may not answer if they do not recognize the number on their caller ID. Many fax machines use their own dedicated line, so you may not need to dial "9" to reach an outside line. Ask your office administrator if you have any questions.


Be sure to lift the handset to make the call. Otherwise, the fax machine may send a buzzing signal through the line to your recipient before you pick up the handset.

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