How to Fax a Two-Sided Document

by ContributorUpdated September 26, 2017

How to Fax a Two-Sided Document. One of the best things about a fax machine is that you can also use it as a copier. If you have a two-sided document to fax it can be done very easily. Read on to learn how to send a fax of a two-sided document.

Check that your fax machine has the ability to fax a two-sided document. If you have an older model, then follow the steps below.

Prepare a cover sheet. A cover sheet is the first page that goes through the fax and tells who the fax is directed to. It also has your name and numbers on it so the recipient knows who sent them the fax.

Take the two-sided document and make a copy of one side. Then place the document in the fax machine and press copy. When the copying is done you will have two pages plus the cover sheet.

Place all three pages in the fax machine (face up or down) depending on the fax machine. Should you make the mistake of putting them the wrong side up the person receiving the fax may get blank pages.

Dial the fax number just as you would dial a telephone number. If the fax number is a long distance number you will have to dial "1" plus the area code then the number. When it is a local number just dial the fax number.

Transmit the fax. After you have dialed the number, it will start transmitting your fax. When it is complete it should say "Fax Complete" or something similar.

Items you will need

  • Owner's Manual

  • Fax Machine


Read the manual which came with your fax machine to see if it offers the ability to print and fax a two-sided document. On the cover sheet, make sure you put the number of pages that are being sent or faxed.


Long distance charges may be added to your phone bill.

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