How to Send a Color Fax

By Editorial Team

Updated September 26, 2017

How to Send a Color Fax. You may send color faxes through a color fax machine, an Internet fax service or a fax software program installed on your computer. Follow these steps to send color faxes through each of these mediums.

Using a Color Fax Machine

A power light and ready light will indicate whether your color fax machine is on and ready to operate.

Load the color document you want to fax into the sheet feeder. Orient the document properly (face up or face down, depending on the machine).

Enter the recipient's fax number on the machine's keypad. Be sure to enter a "1+area code" for a long-distance number.

Press the Send button on your machine. This button may read, "Enter" or "Send Fax."

Using an Internet Fax Service

If necessary, convert the color document to the appropriate format for color faxing. Standard format is TIFF, but some services will automatically convert.

Open your fax software or Internet fax service.

Configure the program or service to send a color fax. Examine the configuration menu and select the option for sending color faxes.

Click the "Send" button.

Items you will need

  • Color fax machine

  • Fax software or Internet faxing service


Color fax machines are expensive. Internet or computer faxing is more economical. Many software fax programs integrate with email and can access your email address book. Some Internet fax services only charge to send faxes, not receive.


Internet fax services charge a monthly fee as well as a charge per fax and document size.