How to Get Confirmation of a Sent Fax

by ContributorUpdated September 26, 2017

How to Get Confirmation of a Sent Fax. A confirmation report is a document confirming that your faxes were sent and received. Many fax machines and services automatically generate confirmation reports. Follow these steps to receive verification for any faxes you transmit.

Choose your faxing device. The device can be a standalone machine or an Internet faxing service.

Read the fax manual or online FAQ. The setup instructions will document how to receive a confirmation report.

Configure the fax machine or Internet faxing service to automatically generate a confirmation report. If you prefer, you can manually generate the confirmation report. However, if confirmations are automatic, you will not miss any reports.

Send a fax and generate a confirmation report. Review the report for timeouts, busy signals and retry failures.


Decide how long to keep confirmation reports. You may need the report as proof of delivery of important documents. If the information in the confirmation report can be configured, arrange it so that the most important information is listed first.


Some Internet fax services may charge extra for a confirmation report. Depending on the fax machine or service, some confirmation reports are easier to understand than others.

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