How to Send a Fax

by ContributorUpdated September 26, 2017

How to Send a Fax. A fax machine offers users an efficient method for sending information. You can transmit a fax to a sender in the time it takes to complete a phone call. All you need is a machine, paper and access to a telephone line.

Sending a Fax

Turn the power switch on your fax machine to the "On" position.

Load the document into the document feeder. This is usually located on the top of the machine. Check that the paper is oriented correctly.

Select the proper settings. Depending on the machine's requirements, you may have to enter such variables as document size, color or black-and-white and stock type.

Type the recipient's fax number beginning with the area code. When dialing a long-distance number, you may have to use "1" before the number.

Press the "Enter" or "Begin Fax" button to begin sending.

Feeding of the document will begin automatically after the connection with the recipient's fax machine has been established.

Wait for the confirmation sheet to be printed. This provides proof that your fax has been sent and received.

Items you will need

  • Fax machine

  • Telephone connection


Use a cover sheet to ensure that the fax is received by the intended party and that they know who sent it. Reference your user's manual for more detailed instructions. Selecting a higher image quality will result in longer transmission times.


When sending a long-distance fax, you will be billed for a long-distance call.

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