How Do I Change a Meeting After Sending the Invitation in Outlook?

By Tara Duggan

Updated September 26, 2017

You update an Outlook Calendar meeting request if you need to add attendees or change the contents of the message. Meeting request updates enable you to send a reminder or attach additional documents to the message before the meeting occurs. You can also change the meeting time, attendee status or meeting location.The only aspect you can’t change is the meeting organizer, you.

Change Calendar Meeting

To schedule a meeting, press "Ctrl-Shift-Q" and enter participants' email addresses, a subject, location, time and text details about the meeting, and click the "Send" button. To change a Calendar meeting request, open the invitation. After you add or delete participants or other content, click the “Send Update” button.

Meeting Request Update Examples

For example, to change the meeting into a recurring meeting, click the “Recurrence” option on the Meeting ribbon and enter the start and end times. Then, click the recurrence pattern, such as daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Finally, click the “OK” button to update the invitation. To change the start date, just enter or select a new date and time. To add or remove participants and resources, type their names or click the Scheduling Assistant option in the Meeting ribbon. Then, click the “Add Attendees…” button. To change a participant’s status, click the "Scheduling Assistant." You can also change the designation from "Required" to "Optional." Click the "Tracking" tab to view their response to your invitation.