How to Forward Calls on a Nortel T7316 Phone

By William Pullman

Updated September 26, 2017

The Nortel T7316 phone system is used by businesses that handle many incoming and outgoing calls and need advanced features, such as call forwarding, not found on standard phones. The T7316 has more features than available buttons, meaning you need to enter a special code to enable each of the different features. Your service provider determines the codes for the call forwarding option on your phone.

Contact your Nortel T7316 service provider and request the call forwarding feature code. Service providers may use different feature codes, and it is important you have the correct one.

Pick up the handset, press the "Feature" button and enter the code given to you by your service provider. The line makes three tones and then returns to the dial tone. The "Feature" button is located under the LCD screen and has the Nortel logo on it, which looks similar to a globe.

Enter the number, including the area code, of the phone to which you want your calls forwarded. Wait at least five seconds for the call forward feature to turn on if the call is answered.

Turn off call forward by pressing the "Feature" button, entering the call forwarding feature code and, after hearing three tones, pressing the "Release" button. The "Release" button is found to the right of the Nortel T7316 handset and has a symbol of a phone handset above a down-facing arrow.